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What's Phase 1?

Phase 1 is the development of the Smart Place Pilot project at the Lansdowne.

This £1.9m pilot project was funded by Dorset LEP and involves the provision of digital connectivity around the Bournemouth, Lansdowne area including the laying of a local gigabit fibre network and the provision of a variety of wireless networks. These wireless networks include a standalone 5G network, an LTE-M network, an NB-IoT network and a public Wi-Fi network.

In order to demonstrate the capability of these networks and to support local businesses in their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, a series of preliminary Smart Place proof of concept projects were set up. Working with various client stakeholders, these Smart Place Challenges cover:

  • tackling homelessness
  • reinvigorating the high street
  • affordable assistive living technology
  • air quality monitoring
  • improving community safety
  • public asset monitoring
  • highway network management and monitoring.