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R&D Consortium

What is the R&D Consortium? 

BCP Council Smart Place R&D (Research and Development) Consortium is a community working together to deliver pilot projects and solve real challenges with highly innovative co-developed technologies. Through the consortium, we are enabling and supporting the adoption of digital innovation and solutions in the BCP Council area. 

Who can become a member?

The R&D Consortium is about bringing together organisations with problems to be solved and technology companies who can develop and implement the most innovative solutions, leveraging emerging technology. 

The consortium is open to a wide range of end users, digital technology companies and technology vendors. Alongside a passion to solve community challenges, we ask for a willingness to participate in co-development of Proof-of-Concept projects.  

Memorandums of Understanding and Non-Disclosure Agreements will be provided. 

End users and Challenge owners 

The R&D Consortium is open to charities, public sector services, educational institutions or other organisations. If you're interested in testing innovative ways to address your digital transformation challenges, then BCP Smart Place and our R&D Consortium members could help you. 

Digital, Technology and Data Companies

At the heart of the Smart Place R&D consortium are the innovative digital, technology and data companies who collaborate to help develop cutting-edge solutions to real local challenges. These companies have access to the BCP Smart Place lab, and can leverage the private Smart Place 5G, Wi-Fi and fibre optic experimental connectivity platform. 

Is your business passionate about co-developing solutions to real local challenges? Get in touch to arrange your membership. 

Technology Vendors

Are you manufacturing and supplying innovative and pioneering connectivity solutions? We are looking for more technology vendors to join the consortium. Help bring the solutions to the community challenges to life. 

Benefits of membership

Members have access to real-life challenging cases to make real differences in the community. The BCP Smart Place lab and team facilitate testing of connected devices across 4g, 5g, NB-IoT and LTE. In addition to a regular breakfast meet-up, the BCP Smart Place team hosts community and consortium engagement events, as well as regular communications and workshops between members. We also have exciting plans for an engagement portal giving consortium members the opportunity to easily connect with each other and access, collaborate and solve these real-life challenges. 

Want to get involved?

Contact the Smart Place team to become a member.