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Public Wi-Fi FAQs

Who can use the service?

Anyone with a device that can connect to the internet can use the Wi-Fi service. Our network does not restrict any type of device, whether they are portable, mobile or fixed. However, it does not allow repeating the signal indoors to multiple devices or routing the signal.

How do I connect to the Wi-Fi? Do I need a password?

Please select ‘BCPCouncil Smart Place free WiFi’ on your device.

The network is open. That makes it fully available with no password. This does not make it less secure but instead makes it more accessible for people who may struggle using passwords on handheld devices.

Do I have to register?

No registration is needed, and we do not hold or keep your data. You will only need to accept the T&Cs to connect.

Where is the Wi-Fi available?

  • all along Boscombe precinct
  • from Boscombe Precinct westwards along Christchurch Road as far as the Crescent
  • Boscombe Precinct along Christchurch Road to Pokesdown station
  • Sea Road from the Precinct to Boscombe Pier
  • promenade from Boscombe Pier to Manor Zigzag
  • promenade from Boscombe Pier to Toft Steps.

Take a look at a map of Wi-Fi hotspots listed above.

Our Wi-Fi service in the Lansdowne area is currently under maintenance so is unavailable to use.

Do I have to pay to use the service?

No, the use of our public Wi-Fi is completely free. You will not be asked for any kind of payment whilst using the service.

Is it trustworthy? Are there any security risks?

Our network implements several layers of security. Completely aligned with the National Cyber Security Centre guidance for Smart Cities, and to the main cyber security standards, it adds ringfenced filtering to malicious contents and banned webpages that are recorded by SafeDNS (publicly available).

Our team has specific skills on cyber security strategies and has updated the network to the highest level of security.

Can I connect to this network indoors or in my home?

The BCP Smart Place Free Wi-Fi network is designed for outdoor usage in public areas and is not intended for use within private premises. While the signal may occasionally extend to indoor areas, it's important to note that our network does not support signal repeaters or the simultaneous connection of multiple devices through a single device.

Is the connection secure?

The connection is highly secure. As an example, it does not allow peer-to-peer connections, so it avoids any potential harm from one user to another. Additionally, potentially risky content is filtered by our gateways and ringfenced systems.

Do you track my data?

All connections are anonymous. We don’t keep track of data or devices once they connect to the network.

How fast is the Wi-Fi?

The minimum guaranteed speed, regardless of how busy the service is, will be 15 Mbps download. In non-peak times, the speed can range as high as 300 Mbps.

In some areas where traffic is intensive, we will cap the speed to 10Mbps on the downlink streaming so we can guarantee a useful connection to everyone that wants to use the service (e.g. Boscombe beach in peak times).

Are any websites blocked? Why has a site been blocked by Smart Place Wi-Fi?

Policies undertaken when blocking a specific webpage are taken from SafeDNS, although we have the capacity to add blocked content where necessary.

The technology used filters out all unwanted or inappropriate resources of different categories, such as pornography, violence, hate or racism, weapons, alcohol and drugs, gambling and other content categories. Its database contains information on over 109 million websites (covering billions of webpages) divided into 61 categories and is constantly growing thanks to AI & machine learning.

What if I have connected to the network but the Wi-Fi is slow?

Within public networks, bandwidth is shared between everyone using the service at the same time in an outdoor public space. Dependant on your device the connection speed and service may vary. If the area is crowded with a lot of users, this may slow down the service.

Is there a limit on the number of users?

The equipment used can handle a large number of users. Our network design intends to provide connectivity to busy areas during peak times.

How long can I use the Wi-Fi for?

There is no limit on how long users can use our Wi-Fi network. The system will renew your logical address after 24 hours or every time your device reconnects to it.

Do you have plans to extend the network?

Yes, the next stage of the Wi-Fi extension will include Boscombe Crescent to Kings Park and towards the Vitality Stadium, due to be completed by October 2023. This will help keep both AFCB and away fans safe, secure and positive on their journey to the stadium.

Why should I choose BCP Council Smart Place Free Wi-Fi over 3G, 4G or 5G?

Connecting to our network will save the use of your own data allowance. The service will provide you efficient coverage, low delays and suitable speeds so you can access what you need online.

Wi-Fi 6e is the commercial latest version of the Wi-Fi standard that brings up cutting-edge functionalities, security and enhanced network performance.

The equipment used, thanks to a partnership agreement with Cambium networks, is the same currently used in Premier League Stadiums, e.g., in Wembley Stadium, where it is fully operational and providing the highest standard of connectivity to the public.

Who’s responsible for the free Wi-Fi?

Residents, businesses and visitors to the area can benefit from a free public Wi-Fi service provided by our BCP Council Smart Place programme. This has been funded by the government’s Towns Fund programme.

The existing safe and secure service has previously attracted over 30,000 people in the past two years in Lansdowne and Boscombe. This has given users access to information including travel, events, and local business offerings, helping to boost the local economy whilst providing a reliable connection to those with limited or no access to affordable internet services.

The BCP Council Smart Place programme continues to address poor digital connectivity in the area through actively supporting businesses and applying our innovative networks. As part of this, local businesses have the opportunity to promote their services through bespoke landing pages on the free Wi-Fi portal. Businesses who are interested or wish to know more can contact: .

Got another question?

If you have a query about our Wi-Fi network or are experiencing any issues when using our BCP Smart Place Free Wi-Fi please contact us: