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Phase 2 - MyBoscombe app

Check out the app

As part of BCP Council’s Smart Place programme, a new local app for the Boscombe community has been launched to deliver valuable information to local residents, businesses and visitors to the area. The MyBoscombe app has already generated major community interest.

Try it out here: MyBoscombe

This place-based app also directly supports initiatives such as better access to learning and skills training, healthier lifestyles, access to support agencies, increased security, better homes and much more. A Smart Place market research exercise conducted in 2020 indicated that there is significant local appetite for a trusted place-focused suite of applications.

The story

Early in 2019, concerned about people not being aware of what was going on within their local communities, being isolated and not knowing where to go for support or how to provide support, Adrian Hale first developed the concept of a community based ‘App of Apps’.

The purpose was for this ‘Local Super App’ to act as an accessible, ‘One Stop Shop’ for local information, helping to recreate a supportive ‘village mentality’ within our communities. In addition, its purpose was to support and promote local businesses, retaining value within the local economy and helping to safeguard and create local jobs.

Now in 2022, with the support of Towns Fund Government funding and with Adrian as Strategy Lead in the Smart Place team, we are pleased to be able to launch this ‘MyBoscombe’ proof of concept community app within Boscombe, the best possible place to trial and develop it.

Beta version

This web app aims to deliver valuable information to you as a local resident in Boscombe or as a visitor to the area and to increase your engagement and relationships within the local community. In order to produce a worthwhile app for you to use, the web app is split into two phases, the first of which is this beta/pilot version for you to try out.

This will help us in the Smart Place team to establish the technical feasibility of the app and to understand what value this type of product delivers for local people and businesses. Our intention is for the app to be tried and tested and for us to receive feedback on how it can improve. Key to the success of the app is a collaborative and co-creation effort. We in Smart Place want to ensure that the app focuses on what matters most to local people. Imperative to the growth of the app will be ideas and feedback which can be submitted via the app to help us prepare further content as part of Phase Two.

Get involved

Key to the success of the app is co-development with local people, businesses and communities, to make sure it focuses on what matters most. Therefore, let us know your ideas and if you provide a local service or initiative or run a local business or organisation, then please tell us about it:

Phase Two

Our aspirations for Phase Two are that MyBoscombe will become more sophisticated and will have a comprehensive suite of products and resources available to use. The web app will have greater technical capability including a more interactive platform for you to use and experience and further accessibility features.