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BCP Council EMF monitoring

In September 2020, Electromagnetic Field (EMF) monitoring devices will be installed in the Lansdowne area. These devices will monitor the levels of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation, before and after the installation of the 5G network (expected autumn 2020).

Our EMF platform

Using our EMF monitoring platform, citizens are able to compare emissions levels in several points throughout the area, before and after the 5G installation. This platform shows three fixed monitoring locations in the Lansdowne area and two in the Boscombe area. The collected data for each of these locations is viewable by clicking on any of the monitor locations (monitor icon) on the map and adjusting the dates.

On the graphs, you will see the EMF emission levels show in blue, which are updated in real time. These non-ionizing emissions are measured in V/m (volt per metre), which is the standard unit of measuring electric field strength. The dotted red line is placed on the graph at 61 V/m, which is the calculated maximum recommended level for technologies using frequencies over 2 GHz in public spaces, as outlined by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) RF EMF Guidelines 2020.

The spot measurements shown have been collected using a portable unit managed by BCP Council’s Smart Place team. The spot measurements will continue to be taken at scattered locations and times during the Lansdowne Pilot study. If you would like to propose an ad-hoc monitoring locations for the portable unit (within the public area of Lansdowne), please contact the Smart Place team.


In 2022, a survey was conducted to assess 5G emissions. These will continue to be tested and monitored. Take a look at the 2022 survey report and findings here.