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Asset monitoring: Use case

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Use case overview

This proof of concept aims to deliver technology to remotely monitor council buildings to increase the efficiency of essential maintenance tasks, as well as detecting potential maintenance events before they are reported.

The challenge 

Providing maintenance and associated records and compliance to a large suite of properties can be very time consuming and carbon inefficient. Dealing with repairs for tenants can also be very labour intensive.

A cost-effective remote monitoring solution could greatly reduce routine inspections and identify a fault before it is reported. Additionally, carefully collating all monitoring data together would greatly increase efficiency, whilst providing opportunities for further analysis and simpler compliance reporting.

This solution will help to improve services through consistent and constant monitoring of water temperatures in buildings. Collating this information can provide the ability to more accurately manage a Legionella risk. 

Aso, with the reduction in human involvement there is a reduction in potential human error as well as the associated costs of sending someone to take these measurements. Furthermore, there will be a reduction in carbon footprint as travelling to these buildings will no longer be necessary. 

Who did we work with? 

IoT Solutions Group and NquiringMinds