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Working as a social care personal assistant

Meet Laura and Elisa

Meet Laura, a social care personal assistant who works with Elisa. She is employed directly by Elisa's family, rather than a care agency which means she has greater autonomy in her role when supporting Elisa.

Listen as Laura states "It never occurred to me that it would be the thing that I would do that would be lifelong, and then now I honestly couldn't think of doing anything else. Like every other job just doesn't have the same kind of feel or the same kind of like joy!"

Watch our video and find out more about Laura's job, see how her friendship with Elisa has developed and watch what they get up to in an average day.

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Working as a social care personal assistant, you’ll help an individual with various aspects of their daily lives in their own homes. You’ll be employed directly by them, supporting them to live more independently.

What does the role involve?

The day to day aspects of this job might include 

  • organising and supporting individuals with social activities. This can include visiting the cinema, swimming, going to various classes, meals out, on walks, and to day services
  • assisting with all aspects of personal care and supporting the client with any hygiene needs they may have. This may involve washing and dressing them as part of their care plan, or perhaps encouraging the client to maintain their personal care themselves
  • booking and attending appointments with them
  • helping with tasks around the home such as housework, supporting the client when writing a shopping list and completing a food shop, or providing help in accessing nutritional meals and preparing a meal with the client
  • helping them to get to work, college or volunteering

What skills and qualifications do I need?

To undertake this role, you need to be compassionate, kind and patient, flexible, and willing to help support the client. 

You also need to be well organised and proactive with good communication skills which are essential for this role, as you will need to communicate any changes in the client's wellbeing with health professionals and/or family members - and you will also be required to keep daily records.

This is an entry-level role and you will be required to undertake and keep up to date with mandatory training and the Care Certificate. If you are interested in furthering your career, you will be supported in obtaining other relevant qualifications such as an apprenticeship or Diploma in Health and Social Care. You may also need a good GCSE grade in English and Maths. 

When you apply for a job, DBS checks will be carried out and you must show proof that you're legally able to work in UK

Is there training and progression?

You'll be trained up in basic health and safety, first aid, and moving and handling when you first start your role, and you might also receive specific training based on what is needed by the person you’re caring for.

If this work interests you, apply for a job now!

If this sounds like something you'd like to do and you think you'd be a good fit in a role as a social care personal assistant, we've got a range of jobs on our website with varying days and hours, so take a look and apply now. 

Alternatively, if you'd like to be included on our Personal Assistant register, please email us and we'll send out an application form for you to fill in and send back to us. Once completed, your details will be held securely by us and we will use it to send you relevant jobs that you might be interested in. If any are of interest, we then ask for your permission to pass on your details to the person who is recruiting for a social care personal assistant and they will get in touch if interested. Please note that you will be employed directly by the person who is recruiting for a social care personal assistant and they will pay you directly (using funds that have been given to them by us, depending on the needs of the person needing care).



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