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Councillor Andy Hadley


Councillor Andy Hadley is the Portfolio Holder for Climate Response, Environment and Energy.

This portfolio includes:

  • our Climate Action Plan and response
  • environmental services 
  • refuse collection
  • street cleansing
  • waste disposal
  • grounds maintenance
  • parks and gardens
  • Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM)
  • highways maintenance and sustainable transport.

Andy was born and raised in Highcliffe and went to school in Southbourne. Now retired, he has spent his whole career in the NHS, working mostly in Poole and around Dorset.

Andy first stood for election in Poole in 2011 and this is his third term as a councillor.

Passionate about protecting and enhancing our local environment, Andy is a committed volunteer for several environmental enterprises. This includes as a founder member of the Tatnam Organic Patch Community Garden and leading the transport and energy strands for the sustainable action groups Poole Agenda 21, and then Transition Town Poole. This included creating a light rail proposal for East Dorset.

For BCP Council, one of Andy’s key climate priorities is around transport and he would like to see improved efficiency of public transport, including integrated ticketing across train/bus/bikeshare, and safer and more efficient walking and cycling routes.

Andy’s ambitions for his portfolio are wide-reaching. He says:

“I want to see us making a real difference on climate change mitigation for our future – especially around flooding and tree cover, also ensuring that a significant proportion of our energy for the area is generated locally and from sustainable sources.

“Introducing sustainable drainage solutions to reduce sewage problems, a network of pocket parks, and social/play features across our towns are all ideas I would like to explore.

“I am also excited about the prospects for enhancing the Stour Valley Park and working with neighbouring areas on extending key walking and cycling routes.

Andy is married with one grown son, and in his free time enjoys walking and cycling locally, gardening - particularly growing food, and sailing in Poole Harbour and along the coast.


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