Lansdowne Transformation Plans

The long term vision for Lansdowne is to create an exciting and attractive place to live, work, study and enjoy. This will be achieved through a series of major investments into the public realm to create new urban areas for people to interact, sit outside, host meetings, enjoy events and innovate.

As part of delivering this future vision for the area, the council has set out plans for an initial delivery phase. This will create an attractive environment that will invite people to stay in the area longer, meet friends and spend time with colleagues. This will boost the dynamic and unique community that is already present in Lansdowne and encourage people back into local businesses.

Following feedback from residents, businesses and transport providers, the first phase will aim to deliver improvements to the public realm which do not require the closure of Holdenhurst Road. This will include art installations, seating and a new event space. In addition, a new segregated cycle route, improvements for local buses and safer pedestrian crossing points will be introduced. This will encourage more healthy, sustainable journeys through the area.


In 2015, key stakeholders with an interest in Lansdowne agreed the following vision for the area in the C:Side Vision:

  • Lansdowne Bournemouth will be an exciting place where ideas, innovations, technology and enterprise flourish close to the free and relaxed climate of the beach.
  • Workers, visitors, residents and students will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge in the many vibrant streets, plazas and parks.
  • The synergy of education, places to live, dynamic workspaces and culture will create an atmosphere of enterprise.

This vision led to the development of the  Lansdowne Delivery Plan by the preceeding Bournemouth Borough Council (as was) in response to the C:Side vision.

Lansdowne consultation

Last year indicative designs of the proposed improvement works were showcased during a public consultation that ran from the 18 October to 22 November 2019. This consultation asked residents, businesses, transport providers and the wider public for their views on how the proposed changes could affect them. The results of this consultation are available to view online.

Since then BCP Council has also acknowledged the need to support local businesses and economic recovery post covid-19.

Plans are now being considered for an initial delivery phase which aims to deliver improvements to the public realm that do not require the closure of Holdenhurst Road. The council's long term vision for the Lansdowne remains unchanged.


Alongside this year's Arts by the Sea Festival, a Lansdowne Cultural Consultation was held at the end of September 2020.

This received some interesting comments from the public with key points highlighted a need for investment, desire for colour, more art in general and more places to sit. This is being used to inform an evolving cultural strategy for the area, which is expected to be unveiled later this year.


£4.8m in government funding has been secured through the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership Local Growth Deal Funding 3 programme, in order to deliver these improvements. A further £2.89 million of council match funding from local contributions will also be invested in the area, resulting in almost £8m public investment for the Lansdowne.


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