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Removing or amending an asset from the list

If you believe a heritage asset should be removed from an existing local list, or the entry edited/amended, you will need to submit:

  • the details of the asset
  • an explanation as to why the entry needs to be reviewed.

Reasons for amendment to an existing entry may include:

  • whether the asset has been demolished
  • if alterations to the historic fabric have been made
  • if there is improved knowledge about historic associations

The best way to submit this request is by identifying the asset on the interactive map  and filling in the associated form. This makes the asset easier to identify and ensures the information is saved safely.

If the map is unavailable to you or you have difficulty accessing it, then you can complete an electronic copy of the form and submit it by email along with the required supporting explanation. Once complete, please send the form to BCP Council's heritage team.

If you are unable to submit the form electronically, then you can complete a paper copy of the form and send it by post along with the required supporting explanation. Please send the completed form to:

FAO Conservation Team

BCP Council Civic Centre

Bourne Avenue




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