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Owning a heritage asset

It may come as a surprise to some owners that their asset has been nominated for inclusion on the list, but you do not have to be the owner of an asset in order to nominate it.

Nomination of a building does not automatically mean that it will be included on the list. Once the nomination has been received, it must go through an assessment process to see if it meets the standards for inclusion. Only if it meets these standards will it be recommended for inclusion on the list. During this time, there are no additional procedures or limitations to carrying out works to the asset, beyond those that are already required through the planning system.

Once all the nominations have been reviewed, a final list of assets recommended for inclusion will be produced for each council area. This list will be subject to public consultation and approval by the council. If the lists of assets are approved, then your asset will be recorded as a non-designated heritage asset on the local list. Inclusion on a list does not automatically bring with it any additional procedures or consent requirements to carry out work, beyond those that are already required through the planning system. It also does not bring with it any additional financial burdens or requirements to repair or restore an asset.

However, once an asset has been identified as a non-designated heritage asset, it becomes a ‘material consideration’ in the planning process. This means that the local planning authority will take the heritage significance of the asset into account when making decisions about planning applications that affect that asset.

In some instances, local authorities may issue an article 4 direction on assets included on their local list or within a specific area. Article 4 directions restrict certain types of works to buildings that would otherwise be considered permitted development. This means that planning permission is once again required for these works.

How to object to a nomination

Objections can be made to the nomination of a heritage asset by sending an email outlining the objection to BCP Council's heritage team. Objections can also be made when the final list of recommended assets for inclusion go out to public consultation.

Objections to nomination or inclusion of an asset need to be made on certain grounds for them to be valid. These are usually that the information provided is inaccurate, and so the asset does not have the required levels of heritage significance to be included on the list.

Finding out if your asset is already locally listed

The local list for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole can be viewed on the Dorset and BCP Heritage Designations Viewer, Dorset Council doesn't currently have a local list. This interactive map also shows listed buildings, scheduled monuments and registered parks and gardens, although for the most up-to-date information on national designations please visit the National Heritage List for England. The map also indicates world heritage sites and conservation areas.


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