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Dorset Local Heritage Lists

Update 26 April 2022:

Thank you for your interest in the Local Heritage List and for all the nominations we received. The nomination period is now closed. The next stage involves assessing the submissions with a view to updating the existing Local Lists for the BCP area.

We're working on an exciting new project with Dorset Council, asking our communities to highlight what local heritage they value across the region in order for it to be considered for our Local Heritage Lists. Dorset’s economy relies on our historic towns, seaside resorts, villages and landscapes to draw hundreds of thousands of tourists every year – our heritage is a big part of what makes our area so special.

On these pages you will find information about local heritage lists, why we’re doing it and, most importantly, guidance on how you can get involved in finding and nominating sites to include on the lists.

Watch our recent webinar with Dorset Council which talks about the Heritage List project and how to nominate an asset.