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The meaning of a local list

Some heritage assets are so important that they are recognised by government for their contribution to our collective history and national identity through designation. This includes:

  • listed buildings
  • scheduled monuments
  • parks and gardens
  • battlefields
  • wrecks
  • conservation areas

The standard for inclusion on these lists is very high and only the most important of heritage assets are awarded this level of statutory recognition. This leaves many more that are of great local or regional significance without any formal acknowledgement. These are known as non-designated heritage assets.

One of the ways non-designated heritage assets can be identified is by their inclusion on a local list.

The purpose of a local list is to create a record of those heritage assets within a defined area that have a degree of heritage significance specific to the area in which they are located. The list then helps local authorities with their plan-making and decision taking by highlighting those local heritage assets that are worthy of consideration, celebration and protection within the planning system. Entries included on a local list as part of the Dorset Local Heritage List project will also be added to the HER.

Further guidance on how to nominate an asset for inclusion on the local list can be found on the 'submitting a nomination' webpage.


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