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The aims of the project

This project aims to establish local heritage lists for Dorset Council and BCP Council by setting clear criteria and standards for inclusion and encouraging communities to highlight what heritage they value near them.

However, this is just the beginning. Each list is not supposed to be a snapshot in time but an active and evolving record of the assets that communities value for their heritage significance. It is important that a clear and consistent approach is taken so as not to undermine or devalue those assets included on it, to ensure transparent and justified results, and to make sure the process may continue long after this initial project has concluded.

Most important, however, is that the nominations come from the communities themselves, to help the local authority understand what it is about your local historic environment that matters to you. We are especially keen to receive nominations for assets or from communities whose heritage is under-represented on current local and national heritage lists. It is hoped that this will create a list for each authority as diverse and dynamic as the history of Dorset, and create an inclusive platform through which untold stories and voices can begin to be heard.


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