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What we're doing to tackle damp and mould in council-owned homes

There can be a number of causes for damp and mould in your home. Some don't indicate serious structural or environmental issues and are resolved quickly and easily. Other reports may require ongoing investigation that can take time.

All cases of damp and mould in council-owned properties are investigated with a view to achieving a satisfactory outcome as quickly as possible. We identify issues with mould and damp by using:

  •  stock condition surveys
  •  reports from residents
  •  staff and trade operative visits

Depending on the cause of the damp and mould, a range of measures will be carried out to deal with any problems.

These could include any/all of the following:

  • work to the properties structure
  • cleaning and treating the affected areas
  • ensuring the heating system is working correctly
  • ensuring the ventilation system is working correctly and possibly introducing more if required
  • monitoring equipment placed in property to record internal temperatures and humidity levels
  • residents offered advice and support in dealing with excessive moisture and managing condensation.

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