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Simple tips to reduce damp and mould

Here are some simple tips to reduce damp and mould in your home:

  • Maintain a good level of heating within the property and ensure it's warming the house evenly
  • place radiator reflector panels behind your radiators
  • close curtains or blinds to keep the heat in
  • turn off taps whilst brushing your teeth
  • pull furniture away from the walls
  • keep humidity between 40 - 60% (purchase a hygrometer!)
  • cook with saucepan lids on to reduce condensation, close the kitchen door and open a window
  • dry clothes outside where you can 
  • wipe away condensation around windows
  • clean off mould with a spray containing bleach
  • paint affected areas with mould-resistant paint
  • keep the bathroom door closed while having a bath, or ensure your extractor fan is turned on
  • stop condensation forming on windows by rubbing a small spot of washing up liquid over the surface with a cloth. Try this at home or in the car - taxi drivers have been doing this for years
  • prevent condensation forming on windows by cutting a potato in half and rubbing it across the window, buffing with a cloth afterwards.

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