What does Climate and Ecological Emergency mean?

What does 'Climate and Ecological Emergency' actually mean? 

By declaring an emergency, we are indicating that the work communities, councils, businesses and Government are engaged in to tackle climate change needs to grow and speed up in order to stop harmful emissions as soon as possible.

What's the next step? 

Officers have begun drawing up plans to move the Council towards becoming net zero carbon (aka carbon neutral) by 2030 and present these to Members for discussion and approval by the end of this year. Attention will then be given to addressing the wider area - this means we are taking responsibility for increasing and accelerating action locally, within the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area.

What can be done locally - surely this is a global problem? 

Even the smallest positive action is better than no action at all. Making an area more sustainable has many positive benefits including improved air quality, a secure energy supply, a healthier population and more.

What can residents do? 

The public can help reduce emissions right now. By making homes more energy efficient, reducing and recycling your waste, choosing alternatives to car travel - every bit helps. More ideas for action will be given as the campaign takes shape.

What is being done across the conurbation to limit congestion - a major contributor to this issue? 

Reducing motor vehicle use will be part of the zero carbon plan. Congestion is an issue officers have been addressing through various initiatives. The latest is a bid to the Transforming Cities Fund for more bus and cycling improvements and the use of digital technology to control traffic. 


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