How you can help tackle climate change

Each day seems to bring new evidence that our activities as humans are causing the planet to get warmer. This in turn is causing changes to our climate that will be extremely harmful to our future if we don’t act now.

It’s so important that every resident plays their part by doing things differently. Through working together, we can help these improvements take place and create a better future for us all.

Have you checked your carbon footprint?

Do you know how big your environmental footprint is? Try out the WWF calculator now to find out.

Now that you know, it’s time to take some steps towards a more climate friendly lifestyle.


You may be eligible for the Local Energy Action Scheme (LEAP) which gives you free help and gadgets to help cut down your energy bills.

Find more tips and advice on making your home more energy efficient.


By making more sustainable travel choices you can improve your wellbeing, get healthier and reduce your air pollution – all whilst saving time and money.

Just a few ideas:

For more information about travel options in the local area please visit the Getting About Website.


Home composting your waste is great for your garden and provides nutrient rich-food for your plants and flowers.

Make local wildlife feel more at home by making them one! Find more home and habitat ideas.

Find more ways to create your very own environmentally friendly garden.

The National Trust also has nine top tips for a wildlife friendly garden.

Find a variety of guides, tips and advice from the Wildlife Trust

Make your garden a home, a place of shelter, a source of food and even more with the great advice from RSPB. 

The possibilities are endless - so go wild! 



  • Avoid single-use plastics
  • Take a refillable bottle with you to work or when out and about
  • Avoid single use cutlery for BBQs, picnics or parties

 Here are five easy ways to reduce your waste.


  • Before you throw away your items – think – could it be of value to someone else?
  • Prolong its life by bringing it to new to you in Poole. Upcycling is becoming a far more popular way to transform your items.


Find out more about recycling in your area.

Doing things differently

Fighting climate change is also about our behaviours and lifestyle choices.


  • Adding meat free days into your diet is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint – plus giving you the opportunity to learn some new recipes.
  • Try the climate change food calculator to see what impact your diet is having.


  • Buy locally sourced produce
  • Take your own bags with you in shops and supermarkets
  • Use paper bags rather than plastic for your fruit and veg

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