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Accessible staff quotes

"For a social worker there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than assisting a child and their family solve a complex problem, or supporting them through a challenging time in their lives." - Aleksandra Zabielska, Service Manager.

"I have been lucky enough to work with some excellent supportive colleagues and managers. They are my work family and I could not be without them. This is not an easy job so you need to know that you are supported and can rely on them when needed." - Sharon Robertson, Social Worker.

I qualified as a social worker in 2019. Working within the permanency team, I am able to build a relationship with the young people I support and they inspire and amaze me every day. I feel honoured to be a part of their journey." - Juliet Gentry, Social Worker.

"My role is challenging but very rewarding when you start to see the green shoots of change for the young people. I particularly enjoy the intensity of working with families and really building a child centred community around the family." - Amie Haysom, Complex Safeguarding Team.


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