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Stay safe while self isolating

If you are receiving help from neighbours or volunteers, please stay safe. If someone else is doing your shopping:

  • work with trusted organisations and volunteers
  • make arrangements for help over the phone, not with a stranger on the doorstep
  • when making arrangements for help over the phone, agree when the volunteer will go shopping for you so you know roughly when they will deliver your shopping
  • where possible, pay the store online or by phone beforehand
  • if you need to pay your volunteer in cash, please ask for the receipt with your change
  • do not give your bank card and PIN to anyone
  • agree a password with the person dropping off shopping and check their ID so you know they are genuine
  • if you have a front door chain, ‘spy hole’ or video doorbell, please use them 
  • do not open the door to someone you're not expecting
  • ask the volunteer to leave shopping on your doorstep, do not let the person in your home
  • ensure you keep a two metre distance from the person delivering your shopping
  • volunteers come to your house to drop off your shopping, they should not be doing any other tasks beyond that
  • don't give gifts or cash to the volunteers as a thank you, this isn't expected or required
  • wash your hands and surfaces after unpacking the shopping.

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable with a situation, report the details to Dorset Police or in an emergency call 999. 

Contact the community response helpline if you have concerns about a volunteer on 0300 1237052.

For more advice

Read the government’s advice about how to stay safe if a volunteer is helping you.

If you are volunteering, read the government’s advice about how to help safely.

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