Self-isolating? Keep yourself safe

If you are self-isolating, keep yourself safe by doing the following: 

  • Please don’t give out your bank details or your bank card and pin number to anyone you don’t know
  • If people are dropping off shopping for you, please do not feel you have to invite them in or pay for their time. Volunteers should be leaving it outside your door as per Public Health Guidelines
  • If you do have to have contact with someone, think about setting up a password with the person dropping off your shopping so you know they are genuine
  • If you have a ‘spy hole’ in your front door, please see who it is before you open the door, or make sure your door chain is on
  • Please do not give out your personal details to people you don’t know either over the phone, on the internet or on your doorstep

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable with the situation, please call the police non-emergency number on 101

For further advice please contact Community Action Network on 01202 466130