Taxi Licensing

Information for currently active drivers

All Licenced drivers working currently, should ensure they adhere to the Government guidance for transport sector workers, to protect both their health and that of their passengers. 

New Driver Applications 

No new applications will be accepted for the foreseeable future.

Anyone currently in the process of applying for a licence will have your application suspended. You will be notified when you can progress with your application. 

Driver, Vehicle and Operator Renewals 

BCP Council Licensing Authority will be extending all current licences, drivers, vehicle and operators for 6 months. 

Drivers will be required to notify the licensing office of ANY convictions, cautions, penalty points within 7 days. Failure to report these will result in a referral to the licensing committee to consider action against their licence. 

If any driver is aware of any convictions, cautions, penalty points that they have received since their last renewal, but they have not yet notified the licensing officers they must notify the team in writing to before their original renewal date and we will decide what action to take.

After 6 months renewals will be processed as if they were received on the original date and payment will cover the original licence period. 

Existing Badges and Plates will have to be displayed and you can provide this email as evidence of the Councils Policy if questioned by the Police, passengers and insurance providers. 

Southcote Road Mechanical Inspections 

Whilst our primary aim is to protect public safety we also have a to keep critical services for residents as a whole and not any one trade. 

As of 23 March 2020 Southcote road mechanical depot has closed its doors to taxi testing to allow them to concentrate on keeping essential council vehicles on the road and to also maintain the social distancing guidelines issued by Central Government.   

To ensure vehicles can be renewed and not fall foul of breaching licence conditions we have made this difficult decision to suspend the additional mechanical testing requirement only so long as the current crisis is in place.

You are expected to ensure your vehicle is maintained in sound mechanical condition and adhere to all the other conditions of the vehicle licence. 

Do not contact Southcote Road depot until you have received written confirmation from the taxi licensing team that you can rebook your appointment.

If you already have a booking and have made payment the booking, it is hereby cancelled and your payment will be held against a rearranged inspection in due course. 


Check the website for updates. Your vehicle must meet all national standards for road worthiness. You must continue to ensure your vehicle is maintained in sound mechanical order. 

Keep your vehicle clean and sanitise all surfaces regularly whilst in use. 


Suspended as per the following information 

As of 19th March 2020 BCP Council Licensing Authority will temporarily suspend the drivers medical requirement for 6 months in response to the current pandemic and emerging difficulties associated with it.

All drivers who are due to submit medicals in the coming weeks will be issued with guidance that we will allow them to keep driving as long as they have no medical reasons not to do so.

We urge all drivers to check the DVLA guidance to ensure that they are safe to drive.

Any driver with diabetes should follow the blood sugar testing guidelines.

It is the drivers responsibility to report any medical concerns to the licensing team 

Vehicle Transfers and New Vehicle Licenses 

We are currently unable to provide this service. It is not essential for new vehicles or licences to be transferred during this time and our main priority is to enable those licenced drivers and vehicles that are required for critical transportation to continue to offer a safe and secure service. 


Will be collected for renewals in 6 months time.