Parking - enforcement and PCNs

To allow management of traffic in all locations we are returning to full enforcement of all parking restrictions from 13th May. 

Please move your vehicle as soon as possible if it is parked in a location where parking enforcement was suspended. This includes single yellow lines, limited wait parking bays and residential parking areas.

Enforcement and Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs)

Starting from Monday 25th May, full enforcement begins for all restrictions that had been suspended

For the first week of enforcement, we will issue warning notices asking drivers to move their vehicle if it is parked in an area where a restriction had been suspended.

A warning notice will only be given if your vehicle is parked in an area where a restriction had been suspended. Otherwise, full enforcement will apply.

Full enforcement applies on:

  • double yellow lines
  • loading restrictions
  • zig zags at crossings
  • zig zags outside of schools that are currently being used
  • blocking dropped kerbs and essential buildings
  • bus stops
  • payment for parking

Warning notices will not be given on these restrictions.

How to challenge a PCN

If you have been issued a PCN and want to challenge it, you must follow the usual process written on the back of the PCN. You can pay or challenge tickets online.

If you are unwell due to COVID-19 and cannot move your car, you must challenge the PCN using the normal process to let us know.