Car parks

All public car parks are now open, with the exception of Undercliff Drive, which will stay closed to help social distancing on the promenade.

Ferry Way car park is open with limited capacity to support social distancing of foot passengers and cyclists as they queue for the chain ferry.

Beach car parks

Our beach car parks are open.

National guidance is that people can travel as far as they like for leisure. Neither ourselves nor the police can prevent visitors from coming and closing facilities does not stop people from visiting.

The decision was made that keeping the beach car parks closed would impact more on local residents than out of area visitors. 

How to pay for parking

Please use your mobile phone to pay for parking where possible, by calling or using an app. This is to avoid queues and touching the pay machines.

If you have to pay using cash or card, please follow social distancing rules and clean your hands before and after using the pay machines.

Charges for people from outside of the area

Some residents have asked whether we can charge more as a deterrent to visitors from outside of the area. All parking charges are prescribed in our Traffic Regulation Orders and cannot be varied by where the driver lives.

The only way this could be achieved is through a permit or season ticket scheme for individual car parks, but would involve a lengthy consultation and development process.

Social distancing in our car parks

Please park legally and safely, with consideration for others.

To ensure social distancing measures are in place and to minimise disruption on the roads around our car parks, we have directed additional trained staff to assist at the busiest car parks.

All car park users must continue to follow social distancing rules:

  • wait for people to enter or leave nearby vehicles before you enter or leave yours
  • keep 2 metres away from others when waiting to pay
  • keep 2 metres away from others when walking in the car park, including in stairways
  • be extra careful driving in the car park, as people walking around will be following social distancing rules.
  • Keep the highway safe for everyone, especially our NHS, emergency services and other key workers. 

Please be respectful to our officers carrying out these critical duties.