Social distancing on beaches

Under national guidance, people can travel as far as they like for leisure. We have no legal grounds to prevent people from coming from elsewhere and neither do the police.

You must take personal responsibility for following government guidance. To help remind people of the guidance and to encourage responsible behaviour, we've put up numerous banners and signs.   


We normally recruit our seasonal staff around the time that lockdown started.

With restrictions now easing, we have started our seasonal recruitment, it takes time not just to recruit but also to train our staff in all the processes and procedures we have in place to keep beach visitors safe.

This is one of the reasons our facilities are not yet fully open, as we don't yet have all the staff needed to support them.

Seafront litter

Our beaches are cleansed from first light until mid morning every day. At peak times the bins for Bournemouth (the busiest beach in the area) are collected twice daily – at first light and then in the evening.

Volunteer litter picks

We now have supervised volunteer beach litter-picks. Thanks to the kindness of Together We Can volunteers and everyone else who has supported efforts to keep our beaches clean. If you're interested in signing up to help, you can volunteer on the Community Action Network website.

BBQs on the beach

Please only have beach BBQs after 6pm. 

Our seafront rangers and overnight security patrols always ask people to put out their BBQs and dispose of them safely if they are not following the rules. 

If you are concerned that a BBQ is a fire risk, please call 999.


You cannot camp overnight on our beaches. 

Our seafront rangers and overnight security patrols always ask people not to camp and call the police for assistance if needed.