Adult social care

Our Adult Social Care team is still available to support you with your social care needs, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though our public offices are currently closed, we can contact you via telephone, a video call or you may receive an email or a letter. We are only able to make home visits that are deemed essential, due to social distancing measures. If it is essential that we visit you, we must stay two metres apart from you and/or wear personal protective equipment such as a mask, apron and gloves to protect you, anyone else living in your household and the staff making the visiting.  

We are still working to fulfil all of the following Care Act duties for adults and carers in the BCP Council area. We will be:

  • completing care and support needs assessments and of eligibility for social care
  • ensuring care and support planning
  • ensuring eligible need is met
  • ensuring needs are reviewed

The Coronavirus Act 2020 (S12) enables Local Authorities and Adult Social Care to temporarily make changes to the way we work. Full details of the act can be found on the Department of Health and Social Care webpage.

These temporary changes are known as Care Act Easements and should only be used when necessary and for the shortest time. We are therefore only making changes that are absolutely vital.

What we have changed

Sight and hearing services

Some care and support needs assessments may be delayed as these assessments can only be undertaken face to face with interpreters and social distancing regulations cannot be followed. As an alternative we are looking at how we can use technology to support us to complete these assessments or have family members assist with interpretation instead.

Occupational therapy and adaptations

We recognise that some suppliers and builders are not able to operate as usual and therefore some adaptations and community equipment provisions will have to be postponed. Where possible Occupational Therapy services will arrange for alternative or interim solutions and each case will be advised on an individual basis.

Day Services

These services have been closed in order to comply with social distancing measures. These needs are being met in other ways such as support from day service staff by a video or telephone call, or a visit where needed.

Continuing to review services during the pandemic

As the pandemic continues, we will be continuously reviewing the situation.  We could need to make further changes to services and we will also be reviewing the three changes made as above on a regular basis to see if they continue to be required.

We would like to reassure you that we will only make temporary changes that are absolutely necessary, and these changes are thoroughly considered and recorded. Any changes to your individual circumstances will be communicated to you, if and when we have to make them, and they will be constantly under review whilst we look at alternative ways of providing support for your needs.

Safeguarding enquiries are not affected by the easements and will continue as normal despite any COVID-19 related pressures. 

Contact us

If you feel you need any further support, then please contact us in the normal way. If you have a social care worker please contact them directly or please call the Adult Social Care Helpdesk (Poole residents) on 01202 633902 or Bournemouth Care Direct (Bournemouth and Christchurch residents) on 01202 454979.

Further information

For more detailed updates and frequently asked questions our Adult Social Care team have been updating


If you have feedback around your experience that you would like to share with us, please tell your social care worker or alternatively please email