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Caring for a vulnerable person

If you are caring for someone or volunteering in your community, please:

  • Try to deliver shopping and prescriptions during daylight hours
  • Do not ask people to pay you cash or take their bank details for their shopping/prescriptions – an increasing number of local businesses are now taking payments over the telephone
  • Ensure you take sensible precautions such as hand washing, so you do not spread the infection onto other people – it is possible to be infected but not display symptoms

If you do have contact with the person you are helping:

  • Keep 2m apart
  • Introduce yourself clearly – who you are and why you are there

The government has also provided national guidance on how you can help safely

You need to write your details on the form and provide this to those neighbours who may need help. 

Safeguarding concerns

If you have any safeguarding concerns about someone please contact the Adult Social Care Contact Centre. They may be busier than usual due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

You can contact the Adult Social Care Contact Centre by:

Out of Hours - Social Services

Find out about our Emergency Duty Service, who can help with adult social care emergencies outside of normal business hours.


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