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Access to Food Partnership

The Access to Food Partnership is made up of BCP Council, Public Health Dorset and the Community & Voluntary Sector to build food resilience in the conurbation.

The Access to Food Partnership was established in March 2020, in response to COVID-19 pandemic and has built on the work of the Dorset Hidden Hunger 2019 conference.

The partnership has an agreed vision of “a Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole where everyone is able to feed themselves and their family nutritious food, all of the time.” 

The partnership mission is:

  • to ensure everyone can access food when in crisis
  • to equip individuals and families with the confidence, skills and resources to consistently feed themselves nourishing food
  • to bring local communities together to identify needs, seize opportunities and solve problems, using local strengths and community assets
  • to share good information about the local community food offering
  • to make access to food a priority in local policy and decision making.

The partnership has been working together for two years. Read about what we have achieved in our first year and what we continued to achieve in our second year.

Access to food map

The access to food map is made with information gathered and shared through the partnership. This map shows the variety of community food support and what is available throughout Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole, and how you can access it.

Access to Food Map V88

Forum and neighbourhoods

The Access to Food Partnership hosts a quarterly forum meeting and monthly working group meetings. Join others from around the conurbation to talk about the pressing issues that we face and how we can work together to build food resilience in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

The Access to Food Partnership also hosts neighbourhood meetings to explore opportunities and ideas to reduce food insecurity on a neighbourhood level.  

Sign up to the Access to Food Partnership Mailing list to get all the latest information, forum and neighbourhood invitations.

Join the partnership

The Access to Food Partnership is open for all to join. We have members from statutory, health, business, education, community and voluntary sectors. 

To join, please read the Access to Food Partnership Charter. You can sign the charter online, or you can email a signed copy to our Community Food Coordinator,  

View the growing partnership membership.

Support your local community food project

With the rising cost of living community food projects are seeing a rise in demand and a fall in donations.

You can support your local community food project by donating in the following ways:

  • arrange a good quality food collection at your workplace, community space or place of worship
  • download Bank the Food app to follow local foodbank’s urgent needs and have reminders to donate whenever you enter a supermarket​.

If you can afford it, set up a regular cash donation to a food project – you can find your nearest project on the Access to Food Map.

Stories from the partnership

Community organisations, local groups and volunteers in the Access to Food Partnership are providing food support to residents in their neighbourhoods. 

From hot meals to surplus food redistribution, we have a few examples of the community help that has been provided in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole during the COVID-19 pandemic.