Report a problem with COVID19 safety measures

Have you visited a business that may not be complying with government covid-19 safety advice?

This could relate to hospitality, catering and personal care services such as barbers and hairdressers, and the requirement to use PPE.

If you have concerns around this or you want to report an area that makes social distancing difficult, you can use the below online form.

The form can also be used to report an area around your place of business that's making it difficult for people to stay safely distant from each other.

We have no legal powers to enforce social distancing, as this is guidance not law. The emphasis is on individuals to follow the guidance for the safety of themselves and others.

We have a management control system in place to monitor how well people are able to socially distance. Our staff and partner organisations will be out in our three towns monitoring the situation and will report back on any issues or hotspots.