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Clear walkways

We are advising the public to keep left and keep your distance with signs in our town centres and busy areas. To help with this, we have taken measures to keep walkways as clear as possible.

Guidance to businesses - a-boards, queues and sales

We're urging any businesses that are currently open to keep the street outside their premises safe for social distancing.

We ask them to remove any a-boards, flags and other signage from the street. 

Businesses should:

  • keep queues running along the longest front edge of their property rather than running out into the street at a 90 degree angle.
  • monitor the queue and stop people joining it if it spills into the street
  • talk with neighbouring businesses about queues and possibly share a queue space if needed.

Narrow footpaths and really busy areas

We're investigating how to make social distancing easier in some non-pedestrianised areas. These extra measures could include:

  • pinch points where priority is given to oncoming pedestrians
  • pedestrian passing points
  • suspension of on-street parking so the space can be used by pedestrians and/or cyclists
  • closing roads so that the road can be used by pedestrians and/or cyclists.

Clear and consistent signs are installed where these measures are used.

Current measures include:

  • Ashley Road, Parkstone - traffic cones placed into the carriageway to create extra space outside of Waitrose
  • Wimborne Road, Winton - suspension of street parking in various areas to widen the footpath
  • Southbourne Grove, Southbourne - suspension of street parking in various areas to widen the footpath

Street furniture removal

We’ve already removed some street furniture that was making social distancing difficult at Poole bus station.

We are looking at the impact of street furniture including benches, bins and planters. We'll remove any that cause problems.

If you spot an area where it's difficult to maintain social distancing report it to us.