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Parking - critical worker scheme

Please note that we are continually reviewing these permit schemes. If your Critical Worker Fixed Place Permit or Critical Mobile Worker Permit is due to expire this will be honoured until further instruction is given.

A new parking scheme for critical workers will continue to support NHS, health and social care staff while carrying out their duties. There are two versions of the scheme.

If you have a valid Health exemption permit or Healthcare permit, we will honour the same terms and conditions as the Critical Worker permit to include parking at your place of work.

We are unable to offer these schemes at Green Road Residential Car Park and St Marys Road Residential Car Park.

Fixed work place

This scheme offers a nominated BCP Council parking space, free of charge and with no time limit. You can apply for up to three fixed work places.

To apply you will need to email parking@bcpcouncil.gov.uk and give these details:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your company or organisation
  • Your registration number
  • The places where you work
  • Preferred locations of parking (for example, Littledown Centre car park).

Successful applications will get a virtual permit as close to the preferred parking location as possible.

Mobile working

This scheme allows you to park in any BCP Council parking space while working, free of charge and with no time limit.

To apply you will need to read and complete the critical mobile worker permit application form. Email the completed form to parking@bcpcouncil.gov.uk.

  • If you are a care agency worker, please contact your employer. They will apply on your behalf.
  • If you already hold a healthcare exemption permit, you do not need to apply.

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