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Needle exchange

All Needle Exchanges continue to run as normal.

For opening times and further information please call:

  • We Are With You (former Addaction) - 01202 558855 (Bournemouth area)
  • SMART - 01202 733322 (Poole area)
  • REACH East - 0800 043 4656 (Christchurch and Dorset area).

Please continue to access a needle exchange as usual.

  • Do not share equipment. 
  • Do not re-use equipment unless in an emergency if you can not access a needle exchange. 
  • If you are self isolating or fit into the group that should remain indoors please contact your central needle exchange who will arrange a delivery to your accommodation. Talk to your support worker if you live in a supporting people housing provision.

If you misuse opiates and do not have a Naloxone kit, please contact the local single point of contact service above to obtain your kit.

If you are living with someone who misuses opiates, it's recommended that you also carry a kit.

Naloxone is a life saving drug which temporarily can reverse an opiate overdose.

Changes to other drug and alcohol support services.


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