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Marriages And Civil Partnerships - Weddings

We are exceptionally busy for bookings at present, and we currently have limited availability.

Please email us for further details.

We try to respond to all enquiries within 10 working days. Please do not send emails to chase a response as these add to our backlog and delay our ability to respond promptly.

Numbers in our ceremony rooms

We can accommodate our usual numbers in each of the ceremony rooms. Please see the table below for the numbers. 

Requests to bring more guests than the room allows will not be permitted, so please make sure you that you only invite the number of guests appropriate for each room limit.  

Staff will not discuss requests to increase numbers and will not tolerate rude or aggressive behaviour. If you are dissatisfied with the decisions made, then you will be directed to the feedback link on our website.

Current numbers allowed in our ceremony rooms
RoomAttendees in addition to the couple
Register Office, Town Hall, Bournemouth  2 guests
No photographer allowed during the ceremony
The Willows, Town Hall, Bournemouth

50 guests 

The Laurels, Town Hall, Bournemouth 12 guests
Council Chamber, Town Hall, Bournemouth 120 guests (80 on lower floor, 40 on upper floor)
The Main Hall, The Guildhall, Poole 90 guests
The Robing Room, The Guildhall, Poole

12 guests


Staff have been working hard to accommodate ceremonies where people have had to reschedule. If your ceremony was cancelled due to lockdown, we're happy to rearrange this for you.

Please note that if you reschedule your ceremony to a time when there has been a fee increase, you will be asked to pay the fee that is current at the time of the ceremony.

Face coverings

Everyone attending the wedding, apart from the bride or groom , should wear a face covering. Those delivering a reading at the ceremony can remove their covering whilst they are reading. 

Contact us

We're receiving a significant number of enquiries so please contact us by email because we need to deal with ceremonies in date order. 

Please include your ceremony date and venue when emailing us.


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