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Direct payments - day activity services

This page provides an update for clients that use their Direct Payment to pay for day opportunity services that have been impacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We request that you stop all Direct Payment payments to providers from the point their day opportunity service ceased.

If your provider is offering a direct service to you as an alternative to the usual provision, you can pay for this service from your Direct Payment having agreed with them a reasonable cost for this service. This must not exceed the personal budget allocated to your day opportunities detailed in your Care and Support Plan.

Such services could be:

  • one to one face time support
  • one to one phone support
  • one to one face time activity-based support
  • virtual activity sessions (costs might include preparation time, emailing out, as well cost of the session itself)
  • actual activity packs, to include staff time producing packs, cost of materials and delivery
  • one to one support at home or in the community, for example, walks or cycle rides
  • one to one support to go shopping or collect prescriptions.

If your usual provider is not currently operating and you would like to arrange an alternative at this time until ‘usual business’ resumes, please contact your Direct Payment Team for assistance with this.

However, if you are using your Direct Payment to continue to pay a provider in this way or use your Direct Payment for other support such as an agency or a PA, you must continue to pay your personal contribution into your Direct Payment account as usual.

If you are not using your Direct Payment and do not have a commissioned service, please contact us and let us know that this is the case and there will be no need to pay your personal contribution at this time.

Contact information

The Direct Payment Teams are available to offer guidance to assist you in your decision making and help with any questions you may have about making payment to your provider.

Bournemouth and Christchurch locality clients:

Poole locality clients:


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