Adult social care

Our Adult Social Care team is still available to support you with your social care needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our public offices are closed but we can contact you by telephone or video call, or you may receive an email or a letter. Due to the current national lockdown, we are only making home visits where it is absolutely necessary, and no other option is viable, following a risk assessment. This is to protect you, anyone else living in your household and our staff. If we visit you, we must stay two metres apart from you and/or wear personal protective equipment such as a mask, apron and gloves.  

We continue to fulfil all of the following Care Act duties for adults and carers in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area. We will:

  • carry out assessments of people’s needs for care and support (“needs assessment”) and, where applicable, carry out an assessment of a carer’s needs for support (“carer’s assessment”)
  • having carried out a needs assessment determine whether any of the needs meet the eligibility criteria under the Care Act 2014
  • prepare a care and support plan (or in the case of a carer, a support plan)
  • carry out a financial assessment to determine the individual’s contribution towards the cost of the care and support that they require
  • meet eligible needs where the conditions in section 18 of the Care Act 2014 are met
  • ensure that care and support plans are kept under review.

Section 15 of The Coronavirus Act 2020 enables Local Authorities and Adult Social Care to temporarily make changes to the way we work. 

These temporary changes are known as Care Act easements and are only to be used when absolutely necessary and for the shortest period of time. We have not enacted Care Act easements. We continue to operate under the pre-amendment Care Act and will only make changes that are absolutely necessary.

What we have changed

Sight and hearing services

Some care and support needs assessments were delayed in the first lockdown as these assessments could only be undertaken face to face with interpreters. This was not possible due to national social distancing guidance. We looked at how we could use technology to support these assessments, or have family members assist with interpretation where possible.

Due to the current national lockdown, we are only making home visits where it is absolutely necessary and no other option is viable, following a risk assessment to protect you, anyone else living in your household and our staff. Visiting staff will be wearing personal protective equipment, for example masks, gloves and aprons and will maintain a 2-metre distance as much as possible. If required, interpreters are also able to support these visits following the government guidance. We are also continuing to look at ways technology can further support our work.

Occupational therapy and adaptations

Some suppliers and builders were not able to operate as usual during the first lockdown. Some adaptations and community equipment provisions were postponed. Where possible Occupational Therapy services arranged for alternative or temporary solutions. Each situation is considered on an individual basis.

Adaptation work continues currently, however some contractors are postponing work that is not critical during this national lockdown to reduce any unnecessary contact whilst local infection rates are high. Teams are working through the waiting lists and whilst there are still some delays in building supplies and materials, we are now operating business as usual in a safe way.

Community equipment provisions continue in a safe way

Due to the current national lockdown, our Occupational Therapy teams are only making home visits where it is absolutely necessary and no other option is viable, following a risk assessment to protect you, and anyone else living in your household. They will also be wearing personal protective equipment, i.e. Masks, gloves and aprons and will maintain a 2-metre distance as much as possible. We will offer telephone and video calls where possible to reduce any unnecessary contact.

Day Services

During the first lockdown, day services were closed due to social distancing measures. Many day services continued to support people in alternative ways, such as support from day service staff by a video or telephone call, a visit where needed, or alternative care and support arrangements.

During the current national lockdown, many day service providers are unable to re-open their building-based services safely. There are a very small number of spaces for respite support within some day service buildings, available to those whose needs cannot be met in an any other way.

Providers have been asked to review their risk assessments in the light of the current situation. Alternative support should be offered by providers where they are unable to open and where possible to do so.  

We are continually reviewing this situation and for those day services which are providing emergency support, we are monitoring their ability to operate safely in line with the national guidance.

Continuing to review services during the pandemic

As the pandemic continues, we will be continuously reviewing the situation. We could need to make further changes to services. We will review any changes on a regular basis to see if they are still required.

We would like to reassure you that we will only make temporary changes that are absolutely necessary. Any changes will be made in accordance with guidance on Care Act easements published by the Department of Health & Social Care. Any changes to your individual circumstances will be communicated to you, if and when we have to make them. They will be under constant review while we look at alternative ways of providing support.

Safeguarding enquiries will continue as normal, despite any COVID-19 related pressures.

Contact us

If your needs have changed and you require additional support, please make contact with us by either speaking to any social care officer that you are in contact with or our Adult Social Care Contact Centre.

Further information

For more detailed updates and frequently asked questions our Adult Social Care team have been updating the My life my care website.


If you have feedback around your experience that you would like to share with us, please tell your social care worker or alternatively please email

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