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Changes to school appeals submissions

The Government has made some amendments to the legislation surrounding school admission appeals to allow for appeals to be heard during the current pandemic. While they have not changed the legislation relevant to the panel’s decision-making powers or the Infant Class Size legislation, they have changed how appeals are to be heard.  This change is in force for all appeals lodged up until 30 September 2022.

After consultation and having regard to all the factors, including but not limited to, virus transmission rates, vulnerabilities of various individuals, venue set up and IT equipment availability, fairness, consistency and the ability to hear all appeals in a timely manner, the Independent Appeal Panel, Local Authority and Admissions Authorities have deemed that it was not possible to meet all the Regulations consistently for all parties if appeals were heard any other way but based on written submissions only, which is permissible under the Regulations.

If you do not wish your appeal to be heard on the above basis, you are free to wait to appeal or cancel your appeal and choose to lodge it at a later date when we have resumed face-to-face appeals.  Obviously, at this stage, we cannot say when that will be.  We can assure you that we are however continuing to review the situation on an ongoing basis.