Helping communities

We know from the number of local people identified within the ‘shielding’ category as a response to COVID-19 that there are many people and families who need support during this pandemic.

We know that some people and families who are instructed to self-isolate as a result of having symptoms or being identified as a close contact of a confirmed case will find this difficult and may require additional support in order to self-isolate.

There are other vulnerable groups within our communities. These include people with long-term health conditions and those from black and minority ethnic groups.

BCP Council, working with partners and the voluntary and community sector, will make sure that these people are able to find appropriate help and support.

If someone needs support then please contact our COVID-19 community response helpline 0300 1237052 or visit Together We Can.

We have also identified a range of high-risk places where it is harder to be socially distant and where there is a higher number of vulnerable people. The risk of transmission of COVID-19 is likely to be higher in these areas so we need to have specific plans to address them. These places include:

  • hospitals
  • care homes
  • community health care settings
  • prisons
  • houses of multiple occupancy
  • Gypsy and Traveller sites
  • schools and early years settings
  • public transport
  • higher education settings
  • military camps
  • manufacturing plants
  • hospitality sector (hotels/holiday parks)
  • cafes/restaurants/pubs
  • places of worship
  • indoor leisure facilities

Our public messaging will focus on:

  • re-enforcing the importance of social distancing and other control measures
  • reminding people of the importance of hand washing as our first line of defence
  • requesting adherence to isolating when required, to stop the spread of infection
  • setting out the support available locally to support people required to isolate

Hospitality settings including beaches is an area we know residents are concerned about so we will be looking at how we can support the hospitality to stay safe.

Action cards

For each area we have a set of action cards for pro-active prevention as well as actions if an outbreak should occur. Measures for prevention include making sure areas have adequate personal protective equipment, training, access to testing and help with implementing government guidance.

The action cards provide details of how and who they should contact in the event they suspect they have a COVID-19 outbreak in their setting.

The action cards also provide clear guidance on how individual settings can help prevent the infection by applying existing guidance on:

  • social distancing
  • sticking to the risk-assessed safe working advice
  • cleaning hands regularly
  • disinfecting objects, surfaces and common touch points
  • cohorting the workforce and minimising contacts outside of the household

The action cards will be web-based and will be produced, updated and promoted nationally and locally for individuals, businesses and organisations to download and use.