Immerse yourself in nature

Hengistbury Head 

Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre have a variety of activity suggestions, workshops and daily updates to keep you occupied. 

Turn Your Garden Into A Wildlife Reserve

The team have put together some top tips and tricks to attract lots of wildlife into your outdoor space. Read the full details so you can try it at home.

  1. Create a “larder” for wildlife

  2. Create connections between green spaces

  3. Imitate natural habitats for wildlife in your garden

  4. Don't disturb the soil

  5. Leave some wetter areas

Nature of loss podcast

This podcast will feature open conversations about grief and how people have found solace out in nature. We will be chatting to a range of guests who have a story to tell. Whether that is personal or professional, we will be learning about how we can use nature as a resource after losing a loved one.

So join us as we explore the many benefits that nature can provide, activities to get involved in, and how to use the outdoors to support yourself or loved ones during a personal loss.

If you have a story you would like to share with us, send an email now

Live streaming at Hengistbury Head

We are currently live streaming from our cameras across Hengistbury Head, Dorset as part of the Wildlife Cam Campaign. 

We're currently working on what we can bring you from our other bird feeding stations, so for the time being we'll be streaming from Holloway's Dock. We hope you enjoy watching the gentle landscape and looking out for birds during low tide in the harbour.

Kings Park Nursery

Although the nursery is shut to the general public until March 2021, there are still handy plant factsheets available online which are full of ideas and advice to help you in your garden. Such as: 

Parks in Mind

Parks in Mind run by the Bournemouth Parks Foundation has created virtual ecotherapy activities to help improve people’s health and wellbeing during these difficult times. Take a look at the winter programme to get involved. 

Check out their Facebook page to enjoy virtual adventures and to bring the outdoors into your home.

National Trust

Even when at home you can still learn something new by yourself, with your family or with your young children with the National Trust's 'how to' guides such as:

  • how to make a bird feeder
  • how to build a bee box
  • how to make a draught excluder

If you are self-isolating you may not be able to immerse yourself in nature as much as you'd like, however you can listen to podcasts from the National Trust and throw yourself into a new area of slice of this world. 

Activities and games to try at home

National Trust have partnered up with Peter Rabbit to provide you with downloadable activity packs to enjoy at home. These packs include puzzles, things to make and fun ideas to spark your imagination with your favourite Beatrix Potter characters. 

Looking for more activities to entertain your little ones? Look here