Culture and arts


Russell-Cotes have a lot of activity going on online. Take a look at their selection from 'Hidden Highlights: Life in Lockdown'.

Poole Museum 

Poole Museum has a lot to offer such as virtual tours, online exhibitions, museum collections, access to Poole history, and some activities to do with your family. Access museum from home right now

Google Arts and Culture 

Explore art institutions from around the world, including getting behind-the-scenes access with Google arts and culture. Discover museums, galleries and their collections.

Choose your interactive experience, play with art using your phone (downloadable app is available) and much more! 

Social Distancing Festival 

The Social Distancing festival features arts and culture from around the globe including, long distance art, visual art and a variety of other projects. 

Arts Society 

Arts Society Connected are running online lectures, film screenings and live Q&As by authors for those with a love for culture or for those who may be feeling isolated ot lonely. Connect now with people through a shared love for the arts.