Private renting? Advice is available

If you are in need of support or help:

Paying your rent and bills 

  • If you’re struggling or can see you are going to soon; speak to your landlord or letting agent urgently and be upfront about your financial situation
  • It’s important to pay all or as much of your rent as possible; any arrears accrued will still be owed
  • There may be assistance to temporarily reduce the rent with a repayment plan to pay off the arrears over an agreed period
  • If you’re struggling to pay your gas or electric you may be entitled to financial assistance – speak to your supplier for reduced bills or debt repayments

Job loss and financial difficulties

  • If you have lost your job or have a reduction in hours you may be entitled to benefits. Use a benefits calculator to find out what you could be entitled to
  • Report any changes in circumstances to housing benefit or Universal Credits immediately
  • Apply for a discretionary housing payment (if you are already in receipt of UC or HB). These are extra payments to assist you with rent, in the short-term

Eviction notices 

  • If you receive notice from your landlord between 26 March 2020 and 30th September 2020 you should be entitled to 3 months notice before any application to court
  • If you have already received notice (S21 S8) all court proceedings have been suspended for 90 days from 27th March 2020. This means you do not need to leave your home at this time
  • You should not be looking to move home whilst under lock-down unless it is essential to do so

Your Letting Agent/Landlord:

  • Any non-essential entries to your home should be postponed following Government advice
  • For any urgent health and safety issues within your property, social distancing guidelines must be followed by yourself, other tenants, landlord and anyone carrying out the repairs
  • If you have arranged for any repayments or reduced rent rates; get this in writing
  • Landlords still have a responsibility for repairs and safety checks; but these can be re-arranged for a future date