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Community safety during COVID-19

We all have a responsibility to follow the COVID-19 rules. If you have concerns about others who may not be complying with the current restrictions, you can report them in different ways.

Reporting a concern about non-compliance

Any breaches of the current regulations should be reported online wherever possible. You can also report online to Dorset Police.

Reporting issues about local businesses

Issues regarding businesses not operating safely can be reported to us.

Reporting issues about anti-social behaviour

ASB and noise nuisance should be reported to us online or alternatively you can call out of hours.

COVID Marshals

Our COVID Marshals work in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole areas to support with compliance of COVID-19 rules and social distancing. They wear high-vis jackets, highlighting their role as COVID Marshals.

What COVID Marshals do

The Marshals work alongside the Police, CSAS, BID Rangers and Regulatory services in order to provide a visible presence in priority areas, they will signpost businesses and residents to guidance and advice and refer information to Regulatory Services for further action as required.