Employing children of statutory school age

Employing children of statutory school age 

At the beginning of the pandemic we suspended child employment arrangements following Department of Education advice and government guidelines. As the situation has changed and the government updated their guidance, BCP Council have resumed issuing work permits. As a local authority, our duty is to ensure that children are not undertaking employment tasks that may be harmful to their health, safety or welfare. We must be sure that any risks posed by employment of children are mitigated. To do this we need more information from employers. 

Applications should be made on the work permit application form and accompanied by a Covid-19 Employer Declaration form 

Employers should complete a Covid-19 Risk Assessment and ensure they have considered the child's wellbeing including considering: 

  • social distancing measures
  • use of PPE where appropriate 
  • guidance on handwashing 
  • what should happen if a child is exposed to someone who has or is displaying symptoms of Covid-19. 

We would also expect there to be any role-specific advice and guidance for child employees. This must take into consideration their age, understanding and experience. 

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Please submit all documents to or call 01202 096677 if you require any advice.