Exceptional Circumstances Fund (Additional Restrictions Grant stream 3)

The stream 3 Exceptional Circumstances Fund of the Additional Restrictions Grant has been set up to provide direct grants to businesses - that have been severely financially impacted by the national restrictions, but previously not been able to access the:

  • the Local Restrictions Support Grant 
  • the Additional Restrictions Grants Stream 1 or 2 


To qualify for a grant, your business must have been:

  • not eligible to receive or has not received Local Restrictions Support Grants or Additional Restrictions Grants Stream 1 or Stream 2
  • have not been mandated to close but have been severely financially impacted due to the restrictions imposed by the government (over 50% reduction in income compared with similar comparable periods of trade).

Please read the Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme for full details.

How much support you will receive

The payment amount will depend on the rateable value of the property if you are a rate payer or fixed costs for the business if you are not a rate payer. Details can be found in the scheme.


Businesses that:

  • are eligible to receive or have received Local Restrictions Support Grants or Additional Restrictions Grants stream 1 or stream 2
  • were in administration, are insolvent or where a striking off notice has been made
  • have exceeded the UK’s subsidy arrangements
  • do not operate from a Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole premises.

Apply for an Additional Restrictions Grant

If you have read the eligibility criteria and the scheme, and believe that you would qualify for this award, please make an application. The application window is open from 31 March 2021 until 14 April 2021. Applications will not be reviewed until after the application window has closed and a decision will be made once all applications have been reviewed.

Please note that if you are unsure whether your business is eligible please read the scheme fully.

Enquiries should be made by email to

Due to an expected high number of applications we may not be able to respond to enquiries promptly. Please do not rely on a response to an enquiry before submitting an application – you should proceed to apply if you consider you are eligible.

State aid

The EU State Aid rules no longer apply to subsidies granted in the UK following the end of the transition period. The United Kingdom, however, remains bound by its international commitments, including subsidy obligations set out in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) with the EU.

We can still pay out subsidies under previously approved schemes and this includes subsidies related to COVID-19 that have been previously given under the EU State Aid Temporary Framework. Businesses should make themselves aware of their obligations under Government’s subsidies arrangements before applying to this scheme.


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