5G Roll Out

Alongside faster mobile download speeds and increased bandwidth 5G has the potential to transform how councils manage and deliver affordable frontline services for residents. 

Through 5G connectivity we can address social challenges far more effectively, including enabling vulnerable people to better manage their care at home and environmental challenges such as reducing congestion across the area.


5G in Bournemouth

Commercial operators will start deploying 5G towards the end of 2019. BCP Council has received funding from the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership to improve connectivity in the Lansdowne area of Bournemouth.

Local Planning Authority and Responsibilities

The Council's main responsibilities in regard to the commercial roll-out of 5G is as the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

Connectivity and Future Opportunities

Find out what 5G will unlock in our local communities.

Health Concerns

Public Health England (PHE) takes the lead on health matters relating to radio frequency and 5G