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2020 Remembering

In 2020 we are commemorating some significant dates. 

BCP Council, the Charter Trustee Mayors and Christchurch Town Council planned a programme of events to commemorate these WWII anniversaries in 2020.

Whilst we can't go ahead with all events due to the Coronavirus (COVID 19) situation, there's still plenty of ways to get involved online, programmes on television and radio, and activities to do at home which allow you to observe all current government advice. So please use these opportunities to stay safe, maintain social distancing and celebrate at home. 


VE (Victory in Europe) Day 75

VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) is marked on May 8 and commemorates the Allies accepting the surrender of Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

We may not be able to have the street parties we had planned to mark VE Day, but there are still lots of ways to celebrate that won't break social distancing rules. For now, please continue to observe government advice. Celebrate in your own home, or back garden if you have one.