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General and site-specific byelaws

Our byelaws are there to help protect our green spaces, wildlife and visitors.  

General byelaws 

The byelaws relating to all parks, nature reserves and other open spaces in Bournemouth are: 

  • no climbing (except on climbing equipment) 
  • do not move any structures 
  • do not build or put up any structures 
  • no camping 
  • no trading - includes personal trainers, boot camps, dog walking etc 
  • no entry when sites are closed 
  • no metal detectors 
  • no throwing missiles - for example, stones, branches or lumps of earth 
  • no fires 
  • do not use bikes, skateboards, skates or scooters unless you’re in an area that says you can 
  • no public shows or exhibitions without our consent 
  • no loud, annoying noises 
  • do not obstruct any council officer or representative 
  • do not obstruct anyone else using the site 
  • close gates behind you at Stour Valley, Hengistbury Head, Kinson Common and Turbary Common 
  • no firearms or fireworks at Stour Valley, Hengistbury Head, Kinson Common and Turbary Common. 

Animals, wildlife and planting 

To protect our flora and fauna, you must: 

  • only ride horses on bridleways 
  • not graze your own animals on council land
  • not walk on flower beds or areas set aside for growing plants/grass 
  • not take plants, flowers, soil, stones or trees 
  • not hunt or partake in any other activity likely to cause injury to wildlife (except where fishing is allowed) 
  • be aware of our dog control orders


When riding a bike or driving a vehicle, please note that there is: 

  • no cycling except where permitted 
  • no vehicles on site except where permitted or with our permission 
  • no parking on flower beds 
  • no overnight parking, from midnight to 6am. 


When playing games in our open spaces and nature reserves, you should: 

  • only play ball games where allowed 
  • not partake in archery 
  • only play golf on a golf course 
  • not play field sports (discus, javelin, shot and hammer) 
  • not play games that are likely to cause damage to the site or its plants and trees. 


The byelaws relating to kites and powered and unpowered aircraft are: 

  • only fly kites safely and in permitted areas (Hengistbury Head only) 
  • do not land aircraft, hang gliders or paragliders in local nature reserves except in an emergency  
  • do not launch hang gliders or paragliders in local nature reserves. 


The general byelaws relating to water at our open spaces include: 

  • no swimming in ponds, lakes or streams 
  • no polluting 
  • do not interfere with lifesaving equipment 
  • no model boats in local nature reserves 
  • no launching, mooring or beaching of any vessels, including hovercraft, in local nature reserves. 

We can lawfully remove anyone who breaks these rules. You can also be fined up to a maximum of £500. 

Metal detecting 

We do not allow anyone to use metal detectors in our parks, gardens or nature reserves. 

Site specific byelaws 

As well as general byelaws, there are some which are specific to sites and areas: