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Flying model aircraft and drones

Guidelines for flying your model plane or drones in safety. 

We also want to protect other people, our wildlife and plants. 

Our byelaws include rules about launching and recovering radio controlled and control line model aircraft. 

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is responsible for airspace regulations. So, you must check their guidelines and follow their rules when flying a model aircraft or drone. 

Permission to fly 

The rules for flying near airports changed in March 2019 and now covers a large area of north Bournemouth. You must get Air Traffic Control (ATC) permission to fly in these restricted areas. 

The flying of any model aircraft or drone is not permitted on any site restricted by the new regulations unless ATC permission has been granted. 

The flying of any model aircraft or drone is not permitted on any nature reserve in the area.   

Electrically powered model aircraft 

If flying an electrically powered model aircraft, you must: 

  • not fly in our local nature reserves 
  • ensure your aircraft does not annoy other people 
  • stop flying if we or a member of the police ask you to 
  • pay attention to where you’re flying. 

Model aircraft powered by combustible fuel 

To fly this type of model aircraft you: 

  • will require ATC permission to fly at Millhams Mead 
  • can only fly at Slades farm and Meyrick Park 
  • must get a permit from us to fly at Slades farm 
  • must have public liability insurance with a minimum cover of £5m 
  • can only fly control line aircraft at Millhams Mead and Meyrick Park. 

Permitted flying times 

Flying is allowed at Millhams Mead on Monday and Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm and from 10am to 1pm on Saturday.  

Flying is allowed at Meyrick Park on Sunday from 2pm to 8pm. 

Flying is allowed at Slades Farm Monday to Friday and Saturdays. No flying is allowed on Sundays.  


The rules governing the use of drones are still evolving as the implications of using this new technology become clear. 

The CAA has current guidance for flying drones.  

Commercial and filming  

If you’d like to use a model aircraft or drone for any filming or commercial purposes, please get in touch with our events team