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We are one of several organisations managing moorings within the harbour and rivers.   

We operate both self-laid and trot moorings within Christchurch Harbour. These are available on a licence from 1 December to 15 November for self-laid moorings and 1 April to 15 March for trot moorings.

Moorings are not restricted to residents, so anyone can apply. But please make sure that your boat is suitable for the mooring location. Before you apply for a licence, we would advise you to visit your intended mooring at both low and high tide.   

We do not operate bankside, pontoon or visitor moorings, although local boat yards may offer visitor services.  

Trot moorings  

We have several trotline moorings on the south-east side of the harbour. Twelve of these are suitable for boats up to 30ft (9.14m). The rest are for boats up to 25ft (7.62m), arranged in lines and chained from harbour bed to buoy.   

All are swinging moorings, except for our multihull moorings, where the boats are tethered fore and aft.  

This area has some shelter from Hengistbury Head. As the waters rarely dry out, a dinghy or tender is needed for access. There is no access for vehicles to this side of the harbour.   

Mudeford self-laid moorings  

We operate up to 100 licences for annual self-laid moorings in the north-east of the harbour, between Royalty Fishing marks to the west and Mudeford Quay to the east.  

The tidal range is only 3ft (0.91m) to 4ft (1.22m) on medium tides, so boats drawing more than 2ft 6 inches (0.79m) are not suitable for these moorings.  

As the harbour generally dries at low tide, all craft mooring in this part of the harbour must be able to rest on the mud flats.  

The north-east of the harbour is exposed to west and south westerly winds, and moorings should be laid with regard to those already in place to avoid fouling and collisions.   

Adverse weather conditions can cause self-laid moorings to drag, so you must make sure that your mooring tackle is up to the job. If you’re unsure about how to lay moorings and tackle, there are local businesses that can provide equipment and installation services.   

Ground tackle must be removed from the seabed at the end of your licence term.  

For a mooring licence application form or more details, email or call 01202 123 800.