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Turlin Moor housing development

February 2021 update

The unforeseen impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns has meant all public engagement is delayed, which has resulted in an overall delay to the project.

Full, face-to-face public engagement will be held soon, once it’s safe to do so, enabling the local community to have input into plans. It’s important that you get the chance to share their views on any proposed housing development.

Grant funding for the development

A grant for the proposed housing scheme at Turlin Moor will not be going ahead due to unforeseen issues around the pandemic. The Homes England grant of £3.8m was dependant on meeting designated timescales.

Face-to-face community engagement was due to start in March 2021 to form a planning application process for the housing project in time for the Homes England programme deadline of March 2022. Homes England and the council have agreed that the planned activity is not possible within this timescale and that we will not make a claim for the grant.

We’re committed to housing delivery, which is one of our key priorities, and will continue to work closely with Homes England, seeking opportunities to work together in the future to support providing housing in our area.

There are likely to be further opportunities to bid for funding for the Turlin Moor housing project when there is certainty of delivery, and a planning consent has been achieved.

We’ll provide further updates to you when the project can progress again.

Contact information

If you have any questions about the Turlin Moor housing development, email the project team at