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Help with tree work

A range of services are available to help manage the risk of trees causing damage to people or property.

Tree safety

We carry out tree risk management inspections. These are surveys to check that trees comply with the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 and 1984, and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

We offer a flexible approach and can adapt to suit your business’ individual needs and work with educational institutions, insurance and legal companies, planning offices and  property businesses to provide the following services.

Package A - walk-through inspection

An inspection to plot trees that require immediate attention only, and then provide a report on recommended works. You can get a quote for the works we identify before having it done.

Package B - full survey

We do a full survey of the site, plotting all trees as groups, woodlands or individuals. We then provide a detailed report, outlining all recommended works, with prices, and the option for them to be done and audited.

Package C - full survey with ecological report and management plan

The full survey package includes an additional ecological report which details habitats, etc.

We also create a management plan, working with the site owners to ensure the report is based on what you want.

We can also arrange:

  • post-storm tree inspections
  • planting scheme advice
  • environmental studies
  • comprehensive historical record keeping of inspection and maintenance
  • Tree Preservation Order advice
  • supply and placement of bat and bird boxes.

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